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May 7, 2001

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Hammy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hammy
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Golden Hamster
Home: Wilmington, Delaware, USA
   This is my Hammy, and this is her pose that she does all the time. Hammy does good poses when its time for the camera. She is was three months when I bought her on January 8, 2001, and she was the last one there with her sister who looked just like her. I have a cage for her that is very cool and I bought her a potty house and everything, she's so spoiled. When I bought her and held her for the first time, she bit me and almost got loose. My parents were saying "why'd you get a pet like this?" I knew that if I spent time with Hammy and held her, she'd be fine.

    About two months later, I pick her up ever day and she gets used to me now and whenever I open her cage door, she runs to it thinking she'll be picked up and start walking down the door. She's only gotten out once and it was my fault of course. I left the door open when I was filling up her food bowl and I left it unattended. My friend was over so we went up in my room, and my mom was in the living room on the computer. She saw a small shadow going across the kitchen floor. During the previous summer we had mice and my mom said, "ugh, what is that? I hope the mice aren't back!" And she got up and went to see and it was my Hammy standing there on her feet, like in the picture, and she was all still. My mom screamed and she tried picking her up and she safely got put her back in her cage. The thing that makes my Hammy special is her love and companionship. You may think you only get companionship from dogs, but like I said, Hammy is always my buddy who will be there for me 24 - 7.

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