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May 1, 2001

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M.D., the Pet of the Day
Name: M.D.
Age: One year six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rabbit
Home: Hertford, Hertfordshire, England, UK
   Father to five children at the age of twelve months likes: white chocolate drops and yogurt drops, cats dislikes: children (his own male offspring), chives.

    Our beautiful boy M.D. brings lots of happiness to our lives each day. When we get up in the morning he is always happy to see us. He rushes out into the garden has a little run around nibbles on the plants and sometimes has a little drink from the pond if the two cats Tiger and Fluff are there as well. Then he runs to the door scratches and waits patently to be let in. He gives so much love to us, runs over to us and pushes his head into our legs or stands on our feet for a cuddle. He also runs round the cats and our feet if he fancies a dance. He spends a lot of time out of his cage just lying around in our living room, he is litter trained and scratches at the patio door if he needs to go out.

    He loves chocolate drops and has learned to open the tin in which they are kept, quite a feat if you see him do it (see the bottom picture). He stretches up on his back feet for a chocolate drop and if we accidently leave the box on a chair then he will jump up and knock it down, he will get the box in his mouth and run off into his burrow (behind the chairs) tripping over a few times on the way and try and scoff the lot.

    If we lie down on the floor then we won't get any peace and quiet because he will climb all over us and lick us to death. He is the best little Bun and we love him to bits. I don't think he feels any different than us - just a bit smaller with a big personality. He is truly one in a million.

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