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March 30, 2001

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Chester Lee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chester Lee
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Coldwater, Michigan, USA
   My pet is special because I don't consider him as a pet but as more like my son. He is part of my family. My dad considers him as a grandson, my brother considers him as a nephew. He is very special to us. He got his middle name Lee from my dad, he earned that middle name because he's part of the family. We feed him his raisin every morning and night. When he grabs it from our hands, he will sit there and just nibble on it. We take our fingers and rub his neck just under his ear and he makes the cutest face, it's like a squinting sort of face. I got him when I was in eighth grade. I took him in to a seventh grade animal science class and did a presentation about him, the kids enjoyed him and he just loved being around them. You can't get a better pet then my chinchilla Chester Lee.

    Chester is very curious, he is interested in everything and everyone. He likes to roll around in his big ball I got for him a couple a months ago. He is affectionate, Chester loves it when you rub his left side of his neck, he makes a cute face and shows his teeth. I wanted to get a chinchilla because I always wanted a animal not that many people knew of or had. Every morning I wake up to go to school and he is waiting for me or my dad to give him a raisin, so he knows he's going to get one or two every morning. He's my baby.

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