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March 28, 2001

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Eve, Caramel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Eve, Caramel
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pigs
Home: Maryland, USA
   In the picture, Eve is on the left, Caramel is in the middle, and Aya is on the right edge. Caramel and Eve are such a sweet piggies! Eve is the 'princess' of the cage, while Caramel is the calmest one out of our three. They are so cute! Caramel likes to stand on her hind legs like a prairie dog when she wants food, while their piggy friend, Aya is wheeking away like a maniac. (A wheek is a squeaking noise that guinea pigs make when they want something) Eve and Caramel both let Aya do the wheeking, but they are more than happy to help her eat the food she worked so hard for!

    Eve is the princess of the cage because she always gets what she wants. She dominates the others, and if she isn't happy you'll definitely hear about it! She loves having her fur brushed and eating. Her favorite foods are romaine lettuce, carrots, etc. She doesn't like fruit at all, but she'll eat practically anything else. We got her from Petco at the same time we got her piggy sister, Aya. She is so adorable! If you put a towel under her to protect your clothes from an accident, she'll attack it until you take it away! Eve loves hiding in paper bags, their old pigloo, or their stalls. And Eve is the only pig of our to be 100% litter box trained. Caramel is the nicest piggy ever! We got her from Petco a few weeks after Aya and Eve, because she was cute. (And because no one else wanted her, she was there for so long!)

    Caramel loves to cuddle up on your lap or hide under a blanket. If you put a towel or a blanket over her, she'll popcorn around like crazy! She has such a blast under there! Of our three pigs, Caramel is the oldest, but only by a few months. And like Eve is the princess, and Aya is the baby, Caramel is like the older sister (which she actually is.) She keeps the others in line if they're acting up. We love Caramel, Eve, and Aya so much! They are the best pets ever, and we hope they are with us for a long, long time.

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