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March 20, 2001

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Frances, the Pet of the Day
Name: Frances
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Moluccan Cockatoo
Home: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
   Frances the Sweetie Pie is a six-year-old Moluccan Cockatoo. She shares her home with her mama, and two cats in Vancouver, BC. Her hobbies are digging in my sock drawer, or sitting in the window and saying "Hello" to the birds as they fly by.

    One of her favorite pastimes is remodeling my apartment. One particularly manic morning I spent a little too much time playing with her, and made myself late for work. I hurried up and put her in her cage and rushed out the door - totally forgetting THE most important thing. I forgot to lock the cage. By the time I remembered and made it home it was too late. Frances was out, hanging sideways on her cage and happily ripping the wallpaper from the wall.

    She has appeared in episodes of "Vancouver Breakfast" and "Wierd Homes" and currently has her own set of greeting cards, and is posing for a painting - the prints should be available in a few months. If you would like to read any more about this little character, please visit her website.

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