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March 17, 2001

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Patrick, the Pet of the Day
Name: Patrick
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Quarter Horse
Home: McAlester, Oklahoma, USA
   Patrick is an American Quarter Horse. Patrick has numerous qualities that make him special. First and foremost, he loves me unconditionally as I do him. Patrick was a Christmas gift from my step-father in 1999. Patrick and I met the first time in December 1997. He came to McAlester in 1998. He and I instantly bonded. My step dad owned Patrick and was preparing him to be his show horse. He saw the bond we had developed and surprised me with him as a gift. Patrick follows me around without being lead. He gets jealous if I don't pay him the proper amount of attention. He loves big soft pretzels. He even tried my chocolate milkshake one day at a horse show. He would do anything for me and I for him. He is a wonderful friend. He lets me lay down in the stall with him and will put his head in my lap while sleeping or resting. This picture shows Patrick's silly side. He is a true character.

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