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March 12, 2001

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Bear, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bear
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini-Lop Rabbit
Home: Texas, USA
   This is a picture of my mini-lop bunny Bear, taken a few years ago when he was a baby. He got his name because of his resemblance to a little teddy bear. Today he is four and a half and still going strong. As you can see, he likes to eat phone books. Bear enjoys playing in our fenced yard. When the weather's nice he can stay out all day. He's very lazy and will often pick out a shady spot and just hang out there all day. He loves it when we come out to rake leaves or do yard work, and enjoys "supervising" the work.

    Bear is a great little companion. We talk to him all the time, and he keeps us company at meals and when we're watching TV or working on the computer. He loves to be petted, and especially likes to get his cheeks rubbed. He also likes to get and give kisses. He doesn't have a sweet tooth but loves veggie treats, especially carrots, kale, and Italian parsley. Bear is like Ferdinand the Bull, the serene character from the children's book. He is a quiet gentleman who just likes to sit and smell the flowers. We love this dear little bunny very much.

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