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March 10, 2001

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Peaches and Apache, the Pet of the Day
Name: Peaches, Apache
Age: One year, Five months old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Abyssinian, Abyssinian;
American Shorthair Mix
Home: Clinton, Tennessee, USA
   These are my guinea piggies Peaches and Apache. Peaches is the white and grey one. He is a sweet little cavy. He is an Abyssinian and is quite the stud. He struts around his cage making his love chuckles. Apache is the Abyssinian/American Shorthair mix and has a tummy full of piglets! She is due very soon. She is the most recent addition to our family. Whenever she is hungry or thirsty she is sure to let you know! The guinea rats (as they are often called) also share their mom's love with a near five year old gerbil named Speedy (he has lived up to his name) who is very grumpy and no longer gets along with the pigs. My guinea pigs are special because they share boundless love for each either. They love to groom each other and give each other kisses!

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