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March 9, 2001

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Eclipse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Eclipse
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Leopard Gecko
Home: Minot, North Dakota, USA
   Eclipse is a very special gecko. I hatched her out of an egg on July 1st 2000, and raised her myself. She is the only one to survive the first year of breeding from Buttons and Rusty. She has been difficult from the start, since she wouldn't eat until she was a month and a half old. I had to feed her baby food on a toothpick! She now eats on her own, but still is not as large as she should be due to the fact of not getting enough nutrition when younger, but she's getting up there:o)

    Eclipse, like her parents Buttons and Rusty, is very friendly. She loves to climb on my hand when I put it in her cage, and she comes out for a ride around on my shoulder. Everybody who sees her remarks on how calm and sweet she is. I occasionally take her with me when I go places, and she never tries to escape or jump, she's happy just sitting under my shirt on my shoulder staying warm. Whenever she looks up at me with those big eyes, I just melt! She looks to me like she's smiling all of the time. Maybe she is because she knows there's always someone here to love her, or feed her which is probably more important to her:o) Plus, she does a great Popeye impression ;o)

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