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March 1, 2001

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Kobee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kobee
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Senegal Parrot
Home: Foothill Ranch, California, USA
   Hello everyone! I'm Kobee Bird! I am a handsome eight-month-old Senegal parrot. Did you know that I love to run after my orange plastic basketball? I have a yellow "Lakers" basketball jersey on (see my tummy), so mom and dad named me "Kobee", after Kobe Bryant. I sure lived up to that name! Mom, dad and I live in Foothill Ranch, sunny southern California. I am mommy's baby because I love to cuddle with her when she watches soap opera, or when she's reading my favorite BIRDTALK on the sofa. I also let her play "dollhouse" with me and my beanie baby buddies Turkey, Ostrich, Class of 2000 Wise Owl and D.C. Ducky Bo Bo. Look! In this picture I was asking Bo Bo to come out and play! The Pet of the Day on 10/10/00, Nicky-dee (Nicodemus), is my e-mail Sennie pal, and we also share the latest news on yummie veggies and how to avoid tummie ache! Mommie loves me because I can poop on command, lie on my back in her hands, and sing with her in the shower. Sometimes I fall asleep on one foot while standing in the soapbox while mom and I shower... but I can't help it because mom sings "Rock-a-my-Kobee" and I just fall asleep! Nite nite!


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