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Kobee the Senegal Parrot Kobee
Senegal Parrot
Foothill Ranch, California, USA
March 01, 2001

Magic the Arab, Paint Mix Magic
Arab, Paint Mix
Roseau, Minnesota, USA
March 02, 2001

Moquita the Domestic Ferret Moquita
Domestic Ferret
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
March 03, 2001

Rosy the O Rosy
Arizona, USA
March 04, 2001

Sammy the Teddy Bear Hamster Sammy
Teddy Bear Hamster
Granger, Indiana, USA
March 05, 2001

Bugs the French Lop Bugs
French Lop
Bedford, United Kingdom
March 06, 2001

Amigo the Pearled Cockatiel Amigo
Pearled Cockatiel
Pennsylvania, USA
March 07, 2001

Frisco the Thoroughbred Frisco
West Bend, Wisconsin, USA
March 08, 2001

Eclipse the Leopard Gecko Eclipse
Leopard Gecko
Minot, North Dakota, USA
March 09, 2001

Peaches, Apache the Guinea Pig Peaches, Apache
Guinea Pig
Clinton, Tennessee, USA
March 10, 2001

Pique A Boo the Black Tail Prairie Dog Pique A Boo
Black Tail Prairie Dog
Seattle, Washington, USA
March 11, 2001

Bear the Mini Lop Rabbit Bear
Mini Lop Rabbit
Texas, USA
March 12, 2001

Charlie, Lucy the Parakeets Charlie, Lucy
Danville, California, USA
March 13, 2001

Ralph the Hamster Ralph
West Grove, Pennsylvania, USA
March 14, 2001

Elijah the Macaw Parrot Elijah
Macaw Parrot
Ontario, California, USA
March 15, 2001

Fu, Pumpkin the Rabbit, Cat Fu, Pumpkin
Rabbit, Cat
Hicksville, New York, USA
March 16, 2001

Patrick the American Quarter Horse Patrick
American Quarter Horse
McAlester, Oklahoma, USA
March 17, 2001

Patty the Opossum Patty
Granbury, Texas, Hood County, USA
March 18, 2001

Marilyn Elvis the Rabbit Marilyn Elvis
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
March 19, 2001

Frances the Moluccan Cockatoo Frances
Moluccan Cockatoo
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
March 20, 2001

Calamity the Guinea Pig Calamity
Guinea Pig
Arlington, Massachusetts, USA
March 21, 2001

Manuel the Red sided Eclectus Parrot Manuel
Red sided Eclectus Parrot
Stockholm, Sweden
March 22, 2001

Shakti the Rabbit Shakti
Ontario, Canada
March 23, 2001

Bandit the Sable Ferret Bandit
Sable Ferret
Lambertville, New Jersey, USA
March 24, 2001

PeeWee the Tortiose PeeWee
McAllen, Texas, USA
March 25, 2001

Pookie the Teddy Bear Hamster Pookie
Teddy Bear Hamster
Duluth, Minnesota, USA
March 26, 2001

Iroc the Congo African Gray Iroc
Congo African Gray
Plymouth, Indiana, USA
March 27, 2001

Eve, Caramel the Guinea Pigs Eve, Caramel
Guinea Pigs
Maryland, USA
March 28, 2001

Cherokee the Thoroughbred Cherokee
Fairfax, Virginia, USA
March 29, 2001

Chester the Chinchilla Chester
Coldwater, Michigan, USA
March 30, 2001

Enigma the Dinosaur Enigma
Tel Aviv, Israel
March 31, 2001

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