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June 28, 2001

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Pistachio, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pistachio
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Green Cheek Conure
Home: Margate, Florida, USA
   I am a green cheek conure, a very sweet disposition with a little bit of an attitude, I live in with two cats and two tortoises and my mommy so in order to keep my rank up there with mom I must have this little attitude for the cats to understand that although I might be only 10 inches tall I am the boss...

    Mom loves me so much she even had a birthday party for me on March 23rd, 2001, I turned one year old, and I can say "Give me a KISSSSSSSSSS" and "I loooooove you" Mom says I am funny when I take a bath so she took a picture of me right after my bath. I think I am rather charming! What makes me special is my beauty and my personality...

    Love, Pistachio!

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