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June 15, 2001

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The Boyz, the Pet of the Day
Name: The Boyz
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Chinese Water Dragon
Home: Pacific Northwest, USA
   These boyz are actually the second and third water dragons that I've owned. The first water dragon was Jake, he ended up getting sick and passing away around Christmas '99, very hard for myself and my daughter. I call them 'The Boyz' because it's very hard to tell them apart and to also tell their if their male or female. Currently, they are about 16 inches from nose to the end of their tale (they've grown about 2 inches). These guys aren't very social, but they are very enjoyable to watch. When I go to my office at home, I always tell them "Hello" and "Good Morning," and they always know I'm talking to them. I can tell because they turn their heads and look up at me. They're very therapeutic to watch. They eat a couple dozen crickets a week, but their favorite food is mealworms. Every other week they get a good swim in the bathtub. I'm always very careful with their health and any little change in their color & behavior, the vet gets a call. They have the best coloring I've ever seen on any type of lizard: greens, blues, oranges and reds. I'm currently designing a wall of shelves and plants for them to roam about in, but they really don't like coming out of their nylon screened cage.

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