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June 14, 2001

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Name: Bridgie
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Blue and Gold Macaw
Home: Ohio, USA
   Bridgie should not only be Pet of the Day but Pet of a Lifetime as well. She is extremely intelligent. She knows her numbers 1-10, knows several colors both by recognition and words. She knows well over 50 objects and can tell me "what is different" or "how many". Bridgie has a large vocabulary and is very vocal when happy or unhappy. She loves a bath and can specifically ask for a "bath, her towel and brrrrrrr" (Her brrrr is the blowdryer)! She chooses her words wisely....if I tell her she is bad - she might respond in saying "your bad" or "what's your problem" ...when she does something very good - she will compliment herself immediately "Good Bird, Very Good" She is a talented singer - her favorite song is "Rock-a-bye-bridgie" and she makes up a few phrases in the song as well. We travel quite a bit - and wherever we go - she simply sits on my lap and looks out the window. If we leave her at home - she kisses me good-bye and always tells me to "Lock the Door" and "Bye-Bye" Bridgie, without doubt, is a true "bird brain" and since we love her so much we think she should be recognized with a special Bridgie Day!

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