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June 10, 2001

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Suede, the Pet of the Day
Name: Suede
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ball Python
Home: Malta
   This is my Ball Python, Suede. He is under nine months old but is already quite big for his age. Suede is very special, because apart from his distinctly African beauty, he is tame and gentle. He is quite shy, and hides in his hidebox during the daylight hours but he comes out during the night to roam and explore his aquarium. I have only had him for about two months, but he already recognizes me and likes being handled. Whenever I handle him for a shorter period of time than usual he does not want to go back to his aquarium. He is sometimes quite mischievous - when we are watching TV he will sometimes wrap around the armrest and will not come off ! It is sometimes really difficult to unwrap him from around the armrest or my arm because he is quite strong. Sometimes he even eases between the cushions of the armchair and takes a nap there.

    Unfortunately, the tip of his tail is rotting and will eventually fall off. This is because during his transportation to the pet shop or at the pet shop itself he caught his tail between something and did not get proper medical attention. At the moment I have to apply an Iodide solution every day to his tail to stop the rot from spreading (because that would kill him). I am so glad my boyfriend Michael bought me my Suede for Christmas. I had seen him a few weeks earlier and had fallen in love with him, but I did not have enough money to buy him (Snakes in Malta are veeery expensive). If he had not bought Suede for me, Suede might have died and I would not have such a delightful and charming friend.

    All the people who see Suede fall in love with him because he is so cute. With a tail or without it, I will love Suede all the same, because he is my slithery friend and I feel so lucky to have him.

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