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June 2, 2001

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Pearl, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pearl
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Vietnamese Potbelly Pig
Home: Oklahoma, USA
   Pearl is about six months old and was given to me by a friend after the death of my Peaches. Pearl has a definite personality, the world revolves around her only. She can be very demanding at times,but when you are as cute as she is, you get by with it. She sleeps on the sofa on a large afghan.

    Pearl, being a girl, is much like any girl, wants her way at all times! She walks on a ball, filled with snacks and stands (begging) for special treats, which you can see in the photo. She sleeps on sofa, in a certain spot, with her special blankies. No one dares sit in her spot, or she will nudge you until you move.

    Pearl is a Pinto (markings) Vietnamese potbelly pig. She will weigh about 60 pounds when full grown, six months old now, and weighs 35-40 pounds. Cheetos seem to be a favorite of all potbellied pigs! They are very smart! Pearl is harness trained and likes to take walks on a leash. She is also litter box trained. She loves bananas, but will eat anything! A diet of pig pellets and additional fruit make up her normal diet, along with a few snacks.

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