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Pluto the Ferret Pluto
Stockholm, Sweden
June 01, 2001

Pearl the Vietnamese Potbelly Pig Pearl
Vietnamese Potbelly Pig
Oklahoma, USA
June 02, 2001

Belladona, Bungo the Leopard Gecko Belladona, Bungo
Leopard Gecko
Aurora, Colorado, USA
June 03, 2001

Dewie the English Lop Dewie
English Lop
Sequim, Washington, USA
June 04, 2001

Tanzi the Black Throat Monitor Tanzi
Black Throat Monitor
New York City, New York, USA
June 05, 2001

Penny the Appaloosa Penny
Pennsylvania, USA
June 06, 2001

Tera the Sun Conure Tera
Sun Conure
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
June 07, 2001

Polly the Parrot Polly
Shelbyville, Indiana, USA
June 08, 2001

Hook the Red Hook Silver Dollar Hook
Red Hook Silver Dollar
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
June 09, 2001

Suede the Ball Python Suede
Ball Python
June 10, 2001

Fiddlestix the Sable Ferret Fiddlestix
Sable Ferret
Sandy, Oregon, USA
June 11, 2001

Ziggy the White Eyed Conure Ziggy
White Eyed Conure
San Diego, California, USA
June 12, 2001

Jerry Jr. the Syrian (Golden) Hamster Jerry Jr.
Syrian (Golden) Hamster
Ocala, Florida, USA
June 13, 2001

Bridgie the Blue and Gold Macaw Bridgie
Blue and Gold Macaw
Ohio, USA
June 14, 2001

The Boyz the Chinese Water Dragon The Boyz
Chinese Water Dragon
Pacific Northwest, USA
June 15, 2001

Termite the Sun Conure Termite
Sun Conure
Brownstown, Michigan, USA
June 16, 2001

L'il Red the Bearded Dragon L'il Red
Bearded Dragon
San Jose, California, USA
June 17, 2001

Squee the Cockatiel Squee
Merritt Island, Florida, USA
June 18, 2001

Moxie the Rabbit Moxie
Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
June 19, 2001

Bruce the Budgie Bruce
Nottingham, UK
June 20, 2001

Hazel the Rabbit Hazel
San Jose, California, USA
June 21, 2001

Nibs the Guinea Pig Nibs
Guinea Pig
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 22, 2001

Smokey the Pure Oldenburg Smokey
Pure Oldenburg
Tampa, Florida, USA
June 23, 2001

Buff the Ferret Buff
Illinois, USA
June 24, 2001

Macy the Cockatiel Macy
Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA
June 25, 2001

Elliott the Pot Belly Pig Elliott
Pot Belly Pig
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
June 26, 2001

Sage the Guinea Pig Sage
Guinea Pig
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
June 27, 2001

Pistachio the Green Cheek Conure Pistachio
Green Cheek Conure
Margate, Florida, USA
June 28, 2001

GH, Mrs. GH the Pygmy Goats GH, Mrs. GH
Pygmy Goats
Marianna, Florida, USA
June 29, 2001

Elvis the Rainbow Crab Elvis
Rainbow Crab
United Kingdom
June 30, 2001

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