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July 26, 2001

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Miss Bee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Miss Bee
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Moloccan Cockatoo
Home: Colleyville, Texas, USA
   Miss Bee is such a joy and loves to do tricks. This is a picture of Miss Bee doing her impression of an eagle. She can wolf whistle, say "hello" and "Wheee." Miss Bee can fly to hand and loves to fly over and over. She loves to give hugs but saves her kisses for my husband. Miss Bee is in the process of learning to skate. We are in the pulling around stage of this trick. Some days she loves to skate and other days she won't step up to the skates.

    Miss Bee has always been special. When she was supposed to stay in her nursery tub, she always managed to get out. Yesterday, Miss Bee was given a new pretty... a lock on her cage. We bought her a beautiful big "cockatoo proof" cage and she has mastered the unlocking mechanism.

    Her favorite food is snow peas, squash and apples. Her favorite hobby is playing with her toys and taking a bath. She likes to listen to the radio and sings up a storm. The only problem is she has rhythm but her words are in parrot talk. She loves people but only observes the other animals. At night we always have a preening bonding session and she falls asleep in our arms.

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