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July 22, 2001

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Roger, the Pet of the Day
Name: Roger
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini-Lop Rabbit
Home: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
   This is an early picture of my bunny Roger, a mid-size mini-lop. He is three years old now, but in this picture he was only a few months old. His name Roger may sound awfully normal, however, the manner by which it came about wasn't. His name was supposed to be "Cinabun" for the cute cinnamon color of his spots. On the very first day we let him wander outside his cage, he spotted the video tapes we keep lined up on our entertainment center. To this day we don't know what made him do it because all the movies are pushed in flush so they don't stick out, but he sniffed them all and proceeded to pull "Roger Rabbit" down on top of his head. He didn't get hurt, but managed to "dub" himself forever ~ Roger Bunny. He pulled that particular movie out a few more times, but only that movie. I guess once he was satisfied that we got the hint, he stopped doing that. We love him very much. He loves parsley, carrots (mostly the tops), most fruit, and ice cream (although he's not really allowed to have it).

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