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July 15, 2001

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Silver Tide, the Pet of the Day
Name: Silver Tide
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Thoroughbred
Home: Louisiana, USA
   Silver Tide, (Tide for short) is an eleven-year-old thoroughbred mare born in Louisiana. She was abused by her past owners and is very head shy, she trusts no one but me. She and I have a special bond that no one can break. She follows me around the paddock when I go to catch her and she nickers every time I go near her. She will rest her head on my shoulder or in my lap if I am sitting or standing. I think she's the best horse that I have ever owned! and ever will own! I love her a lot and want her to have her day of glory! She deserves it after all the championships we've won together! I will always love her and never sell her for any price!

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