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July 11, 2001

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Tommy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tommy
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter-Thoroughbred
Home: California, USA
   Tommy is a very special horse to me. We go together like peas in a pod. When I first got him people always told me that we are a great pare and I was so lucky to have him. When I come to the barn I look at Tommy's stall and I can see a little eye look at me through the tiny space between the stall and the stall door. When I get him out I always curry comb him underneath his neck, that is his favorite. What my friends love most about Tommy is that he gives kisses. Before I got him he was a race horse and when he gives kisses you can see is tattoo number. We figure he gives kisses because he is use to people checking his tattoo number before every race.

    Tommy is a great flat horse, but when I get to an AQHA show his head goes straight up, and a high head is what those judges hate. For now we are focusing on the jumping, at least we are good at that! At every show I go to the jumps are about 2 1/2 feet high, those are really small for Tommy and I. Then when I was in the ring I wondered when everyone comes to watch, then I figured out it was because Tommy was jumping about four feet over the little two foot jumps. We have had lots of fun at shows even if we don't win every time. Now all we have to do is beg my trainer to lets us do jumpers (Tommy's favorite, as well as mine)!

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