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July 8, 2001

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Leroy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Leroy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Meyer Parrot
Home: USA
   My pet is a Meyer Parrot, named Leroy. He is two years old, and was hand-raised, so he is used to people. He says several words, like, hello, pretty bird, goodboy, step-up, Lisa. (my name, hehe.) However, he was out in the back yard keeping me company one day until a low flying airplane spooked him. He then flew away. We searched for him for two hours, before dark came and could not find him. He usually only flies a few feet away, but he really flew away that day. He was missing for eight days.

    We put an ad in our city paper. Then the day after that, we received a phone call. Someone found him and was taking care of him. We found out that he flew a mile away from our home. It took him two days to get to their house. So he spent two days by himself in the outdoors. We also found out that the family that took care of him raised parrots and had three parrots of their own!! They knew all about parrots and were telling us all sorts of things about parrots. They even gave him a bath, clipped his wings a little and gave him his own cage. Now we have him again, it is almost a year since that happened, but he is not allowed outside anymore. We are very happy to have him back.

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