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July 6, 2001

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Mocha and Coco, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mocha, Coco
Age: One year, nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea Pigs
Home: Maryland, USA
   My pets' names are Mocha and Coco. They are Abyssinian guinea pigs. They both live with us, in Maryland. My pets are both special in their unique ways, which makes them more and more loveable each day. Both of them love lettuce and would look up, with their beautiful wide eyes and have lettuce juice all over the bottom side of their fur. They also love to run around our living room, chasing and playing with each other... but most of all, they love to follow us around. They are starting to recognize their names and would come up to you when you call them... just to see what's going on! They are both sweet and cuddly. Mocha, with her light brown fur, loves to cuddle up on your lap. Coco, with her dark brown fur, on the other hand, cannot get comfortable on your lap without her pal Mocha next to her. They are both the best pets anyone can ask for!

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