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Ihop the Netherland Dwarf Ihop
Netherland Dwarf
Byron, Georgia, USA
July 01, 2001

Windy the Golden Agouti Windy
Golden Agouti
Anaheim, California, USA
July 02, 2001

Bailey the Budgie Bailey
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
July 03, 2001

Sally the Ferret Sally
Detroit, Michigan, USA
July 04, 2001

Skittles the White Bellied Caique Skittles
White Bellied Caique
High Ridge, Missouri, USA
July 05, 2001

Mocha, Coco the Abyssinian Mocha, Coco
Maryland, USA
July 06, 2001

Baby the English Lop Baby
English Lop
Pittsgrove, New Jersey, USA
July 07, 2001

Leroy the Meyer Parrot Leroy
Meyer Parrot
July 08, 2001

Simba the Teddy Bear Hamster Simba
Teddy Bear Hamster
July 09, 2001

Max the Timneh African Grey Parrot Max
Timneh African Grey Parrot
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
July 10, 2001

Tommy the Quarter Thoroughbred Tommy
Quarter Thoroughbred
California, USA
July 11, 2001

Peewee the Green Cheek Conure Peewee
Green Cheek Conure
Jonesborough, Tennessee, USA
July 12, 2001

Liz, Al, Guss the Leopard Gecko Liz, Al, Guss
Leopard Gecko
Michigan, USA
July 13, 2001

Bandit, Ghost the Ferrets Bandit, Ghost
Bothwell, Ontario, Canada
July 14, 2001

Silver Tide the Thoroughbred Silver Tide
Louisiana, USA
July 15, 2001

Cassy the African Grey Cassy
African Grey
Kent, UK
July 16, 2001

Pearl the Hamster Pearl
Los Angeles, California, USA
July 17, 2001

Ella the Guinea Pig Ella
Guinea Pig
Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA
July 18, 2001

Scooter the Solomon Island Eclectus Scooter
Solomon Island Eclectus
Lansing, Michigan, USA
July 19, 2001

Simba the Rat Simba
Cornwall, UK
July 20, 2001

Jada, Mishka the Champagne, Sable Ferret Jada, Mishka
Champagne, Sable Ferret
New Brighton, Pennsylvania, USA
July 21, 2001

Roger the Mini Lop Rabbit Roger
Mini Lop Rabbit
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
July 22, 2001

Chanel, Dior the Chinchilla Chanel, Dior
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
July 23, 2001

Wigweenie the Green Iguana Wigweenie
Green Iguana
Frankfurt, Germany
July 24, 2001

Ollie the Guinea Pig Ollie
Guinea Pig
July 25, 2001

Miss Bee the Moloccan Cockatoo Miss Bee
Moloccan Cockatoo
Colleyville, Texas, USA
July 26, 2001

Casper the Norwegian Lop Casper
Norwegian Lop
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA
July 27, 2001

Dallas, Tyler the Jumbo, Fancy Rat Dallas, Tyler
Jumbo, Fancy Rat
Arkadelphia, Arkansas, USA
July 28, 2001

Buster the Thoroughbred Buster
July 29, 2001

Nairobi the Savannah Monitor Nairobi
Savannah Monitor
New York, USA
July 30, 2001

Buster the Ferret Buster
Danvers, Massachusetts, USA
July 31, 2001

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