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January 30, 2001

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Josh, the Pet of the Day
Name: Josh
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Warmblood
Home: Orange County, California, USA
   Josh is a wonderful horse. He is sweet and loves a challenge. You can't find a better horse than him. Josh is special to me because he knows my every move and feeling when I am on him. He teaches me something new every time I am with him. Josh is a wonderful jumper and loves the big jumps. He never seems to want to go over the small ones. He knows more than I can imagine and only likes certain riders. Talk about a picky horse. You can tell if he doesn't like you because he knows you're nervous and he will throw you off with no problem. Over the years he has shown me many things about him. If it is feeding time, he is most likely to run off to his stall. Josh and I have a special bond and we trust each other. So far I am the only person who can ride him and know what he will do. He used to rear and try to run off when I walked him. People would stare at me because I was only nine or ten and able to control him. Now he trusts and respects me, so I do the same for him. No one knows how this happened, but I think it's because I gave him a chance to be trusted.


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