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January 25, 2001

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Peanut, the Pet of the Day
Name: Peanut
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Grey Squirrel
Home: Southern USA
   Here is a picture of Peanut, the grey squirrel. Her nest fell out of a hickory tree when she was three weeks old. It was raining, and when I found it, I was sure she was dead, since it fell on the concrete. I bottle fed her for two weeks, and she came around just fine. She has been with us for almost two years. She has a pen in my shop, a pen in the house, and a pen outside that is Big!! She likes to run around the shop, hiding nuts in the sofa. She loves to run around in the house when my wife is not home. I have set her loose twice, but she runs right back. She will eat just about anything. She is a lot of fun, and barks at my wife!! She goes out to her outside pen every morning, then in the evening, I open her pen, and she goes inside. Boy, she has it made.


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