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January 20, 2001

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Pinky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pinky
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Hairless Rat
Home: USA
   My sweetie is my hairless rat, Pinky. She is the cutest little thing. Every morning, when she hears us wake up, she starts going crazy wanting our attention. She walks around the top of her cage like it's a tightrope and if you say "Pinky, where’s my kisses?" she will run up and give you a smooch right on the lips. Her passion is hair {which doesn't surprise me much considering she has none} and she loves to climb up on your shoulder and hide in your hair. If you call her name she'll come and kiss your ear and go right back to her hairy hiding place. She loves fresh bananas, eggrolls, hawaiian wheat bread, and Big Fat Yeast Rolls. That's my "Pinky" or "Pinky Marie" as my Mom has fondly named her. She's the best. She's great company while I'm on the PC too.


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