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Sylvester, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sylvester
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Parakeet
Home: Holland, Michigan, USA
   Meet Sylvester Robin. His official nickname is Sy, but he also goes by Sweet Pea and Featherhead. His middle name comes from his beautiful blue color, which reminds us of a robin's egg. Sy has an extensive vocabulary including "pretty bird," "Where's Tweetie?" "Sy loves Papa," and "Give me a kiss!" His latest phrase is "Nice kitty!" When Sy first arrived at our home, just a wee little fluff ball, he was quite cautious about letting us into his personal space. But he has learned to let us pet him, and now he practically whines to be scratched under the chin and behind the ears! Sy's favorite time of the day is shower time. Sometimes he just sits on the shower curtain rod and chatters, but most often he will sit on top of the head of the person showering and fluff and splash until he looks like a drowned rat. Here Sy is pictured at another one of his favorite pastimes: playing on the computer keyboard. He seems to love the click, click, click of the keys. Sy has had two near death experiences: a traumatic encounter with the neighbor's cat and an unfortunate little swim in the toilet bowl once. We are so glad he's still with us, because he is the most precious couple of ounces we know!


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