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January 10, 2001

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Kalli, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kalli
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Hamster
Home: California, USA
   I bought Kalli at four weeks old from a pet shop, that was almost two years ago. She was so small at the time... But she was beautiful, with cream colored fur, and big black eyes... I knew I had to have her. A few months earlier, my hamster of more than three years passed away in his sleep. I was devastated. I didn't get Kalli to replace my other hamster... I got her to keep me company. After spending nineteen years under the comfort of my parents... I was moving away to start a new life of my own.

    Kalli is like no other hamster I've ever seen. Every night I take her out of her cage and we either spend quality time watching tv, or surfing the net. A lot of the times, Kalli would fall peacefully asleep in my hand or lap... Something I never saw in my other hamsters. One night, she escaped from her cage without me knowing. She woke me up by scratching the door to my room to let me know she was lost. I picked her up by the door, and took her back to her home, (her cage was two doors down in another room).

    Kalli also survived a 3000-mile road trip with me when the air force stationed me allll the way out in Southern California. Along the way, I snuck her into my hotel rooms every night, so she wouldn't get too cold at night. She even spent some time in quarantine when entering California. Now, she stays with me in my dorm room, keeping me company when I think I'm alone. As we speak, I'm in my room with her now... and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I can't make it home to see my family for christmas because I can't afford it right now... And this will be the first time in twenty years that I've been away from my family for Christmas.

    A few people asked me, "Why not just get rid of that hamster, instead of traveling with her... Isn't she just a nuisance?" I just have to say, Kalli is the only one to move three times with me, and she never complains. I'm glad I have her, I'm never alone. And I know I need her in my life just as much as she needs me.

    P.S. Kalli is short for California... The name in which I gave her before I had any idea i'd be stationed in california. Some things are too strange to question.


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