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January 9, 2001

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Dumbo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dumbo
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: English Lop, Rex Mix
Home: Houston, Texas, USA
   This is my eleven-pound girl, Dumbo. "Mellow" is the word to describe her. She's so laid-back, she changed my idea of rabbits having high-strung personalities. Her favorite things to do are: lay around, eat, run circles around my feet, and boss around her new "pet" Torgo (a very well-behaved and patient mini-lop). She's very affectionate, and when she needs a petting, she will shove her head under your hand so that there's no mistaking what she wants. I decided to get a rabbit because I thought it would make a good apartment pet. I was right. Dumbo has kept me in stitches with her antics and huge ears. She's not noisy, and her presence keeps me from loneliness. She posed for this picture with great tolerance despite the fact that she hates those hair ribbons. She's my cutie.

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