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Cosmo the Conure Cosmo
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
January 01, 2001

Reba the Red Satin House Rabbit Reba
Red Satin House Rabbit
San Carlos, California, USA
January 02, 2001

Maggie the Rat Maggie
Montclair, Virginia, USA
January 03, 2001

Peaches the Peach Faced Lovebird Peaches
Peach Faced Lovebird
Washington, USA
January 04, 2001

Molly the Guinea Pig Molly
Guinea Pig
New Jersey, USA
January 05, 2001

Margie the Belgian Cross Thoroughbred Margie
Belgian Cross Thoroughbred
British Columbia, Canada
January 06, 2001

Bandit the Ferret Bandit
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
January 07, 2001

Libby the Chinchilla Libby
Dallas, Texas, USA
January 08, 2001

Dumbo the English Lop, Rex Dumbo
English Lop, Rex
Houston, Texas, USA
January 09, 2001

Kalli the Hamster Kalli
California, USA
January 10, 2001

Yuki the Netherland Dwarf Yuki
Netherland Dwarf
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
January 11, 2001

Shelby the Scarlet Macaw Shelby
Scarlet Macaw
Coal City, Illinois, USA
January 12, 2001

Kushy the Dark Sable Ferret Kushy
Dark Sable Ferret
Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
January 13, 2001

Blue, Beigy and Red the Rex Rats Blue, Beigy and Red
Rex Rats
Denver, Colorado, USA
January 14, 2001

Cindy the Cougar Cindy
Florida, USA
January 15, 2001

Pippin the Major Mitchell Cockatoo Pippin
Major Mitchell Cockatoo
Tasmania, Australia
January 16, 2001

Sunny the Jackson Chameleon Sunny
Jackson Chameleon
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA
January 17, 2001

Wiggles the Dwarf Bunny Wiggles
Dwarf Bunny
St. Charles, Illinois, USA
January 18, 2001

Pet of the Day the Pet of the Day

Holland, Michigan, USA
January 19, 2001

Pinky the Hairless Rat Pinky
Hairless Rat
January 20, 2001

Scooter the Jersey Wooly Scooter
Jersey Wooly
January 21, 2001

JJ the Short JJ
East Northport, Long Island, USA
January 22, 2001

Maui the Senegal Parrot Maui
Senegal Parrot
Long Island, New York, USA
January 23, 2001

Aya the Guinea Pig Aya
Guinea Pig
Maryland, USA
January 24, 2001

Peanut the Grey Squirrel Peanut
Grey Squirrel
Southern USA
January 25, 2001

Trulte the Rex Rabbit Trulte
Rex Rabbit
Oslo, Norway
January 26, 2001

Mojo the Guinea Pig Mojo
Guinea Pig
Michigan, USA
January 27, 2001

Ralph the Syrian Hamster Ralph
Syrian Hamster
Glendale, Arizona, USA
January 28, 2001

Hercules the Cockatiel Hercules
Eudora, Kansas, USA
January 29, 2001

Josh the Warmblood Josh
Orange County, California, USA
January 30, 2001

Hamish the Dwarf Lop Hamish
Dwarf Lop
Victoria, Australia
January 31, 2001

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