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February 26, 2001

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Sebastian, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sebastian
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Miniature Shetland Pony
Home: Manchester, England
   This is Sebastian. He is a Miniature Shetland and my mum saved him from an horse auction from slaughter. He is my best friend. I am Sophie and this is me in the picture with my special little pony, I love him more than anything in the world. Sebastian and I are four years old. Sebastian is special, firstly because when my mummy got him she only bought him because he had been badly neglected and was very thin and he was bid for at an auction by the meat man so my mummy jumped in and bought him from under their noses. He was a stallion when we got him home. He had a very bad cough and was very poorly for quite some time but my mummy and the vet made im better and he is as good as new now. We brought him home in a friend's transit van, and he neighed all the way home. My mummy named Sebastian because when he first came he used to bite all the time, so I called him Sebastian after the crab in "A Little Mermaid." He is very affectionate and cheeky. We have been to the local shows with him and he has won the handy pony championship and the tiny tots gymkhana championship and we came second in the young handler championship. He likes sausage rolls, my nanna comes to all the shows to watch us compete and she brings a picnic and Sebastian goes straight into her boot and steals the sausage rolls and eats them. He also likes Coca Cola. He likes to play catch in the paddock. He likes to run away and then run after me and grab me by my coat but he doesn't bite anymore. I ride him everyday with my mummy we go out on the bridle paths and I have to trot most of the time to keep up with Boxer. my mummy's horse (he is 17 hands). I also have lessons in the paddock on him and we jump small fences but Sebastian likes to gallop after each jump and he bucks as well but I don't fall off - well, not all the time.

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