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February 24, 2001

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Hugh, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hugh
Age: One month old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf Bunny
Home: Pasadena, California, USA
   His name is Hugh Heffner because he is playful and a boy, which makes him a playboy bunny. It was also the only name my roommates and I could agree on. He's just over one month old and is some sort of dwarf bunny, but we don't know his exact species yet. He lives with three adults in their early 20's in Pasadena, California. What makes him special is that he's so curious, brave, sweet, always happy, and is our first warm blooded pet ever.

    He really likes to run and jump, he is friendly to the people he knows. He is affectionate but he knows how to be alone, usually when I let him out of the cage he does his rounds to let everyone in the house know he's out, then he goes to his favorite room by himself. He likes to sit high, on chairs and the top of the couch. He likes to climb all over and sit with my stuffed animals. He is special because he knows when you're about to give him a treat. He can be asleep and I'm in the kitchen when I open the bag of lettuce and carrots, he'll wake up and come running right to you, and he'll sit there till you feed him. When he sleeps, he loves to stretch out. He loves to run around the couches and then around the kitchen table. He is our first animal since I moved out of home.

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