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February 19, 2001

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Kico, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kico
Age: One year old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Maximillian Pionus
Home: Gordons Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
   I have a Maximillian Pionus called Kico. He is just over a year old. I don't know yet if its a male or female. The pet shop where I bought him was very small and they didn't have much information to offer. Kico was sitting in a very small cage with another Maximillian Pionus. The store owner didn't know much about Kico. I felt sorry for him and decided to buy him. I've had him now for about five months. In the beginning he just sat in his cage and didn't do much. I could never touch him, but now he's full of life. He likes to get out of his cage as much as possible. He loves it when I scratch his head.

    He also loves his shower on Saturdays. He will spread his wings and turn around to get wet all over. In the small picture he's all wet from his shower. In the morning when I come into the kitchen he always says "hallo Kico" and then waits for his breakfast. He still doesn't like being picked up, but we are still working on it. He's great!

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