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February 17, 2001

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Chomel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chomel
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Australian Budgie
Home: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
   This is Chomel showing off his new hairdo? Our previous budgie had flown away and broken our hearts, and we were looking for another budgie. We found Chomel at a breeder's place, but the breeder had lost interest in his birds, and they were kept locked up in a dark garage, never seeing the light of day. We picked Chomel out because he was the smallest, and when we brought him out into the daylight to take a better look at him, he looked so sad. He was so skinny, had an overgrown beak, feathers growing in funny directions, and twisted feet. We thought he looked rather ugly, but we couldn't bear to leave him behind in those terrible conditions, so we adopted him, and called him Chomel which means "pretty" in the Malaysian language. We've had him for almost six months now, and he's put on weight, his feet are growing stronger, and we trim his beak regularly, so he's looking half decent now. He's adorable, very tame, and becoming more lively and cheeky with time. We love him!

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