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February 15, 2001

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Lara, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lara
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dutch Dwarf Bunny
Home: Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, USA
   In May 2000 I got a Dutch Dwarf Rabbit that was three months old. I named her Lara. She is white with black around her eyes and ears and on her back. When I first got her she was scared of me. Now she doesn't tremble when I hold her and she comes up to my family and me to be petted.

    Lara is the funniest bunny in the world! She is funny when she plays with me. She jumps up and down and all around but she does attack you if it's time for her to go in her cage or if she feels threatened. She'll attack and growl and punch with her front paws. When she doesn't feel threatened she'll play with you a lot and climb all over you. I like that because she is so cute.

    One time we had a friend named William who slept over after a big party. William was lying on the floor when he bounced his hand on the ground. Lara jumped straight up in the air. We all cracked up with laughter. The first time she did it we thought that she had the scampers but when William did it again and she did it again we saw that she was mimicking William. She did this four times. It was so funny to watch because when she jumped she had all her legs tucked in so that she looked like a flying white rectangle.

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