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December 22, 2001

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Whisper, Nenya, the Pet of the Day
Name: Whisper, Nenya
Age: Two years old, baby
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Mosaic chinchilla
Home: England
   Whisper is a two-year-old Mosaic chinchilla. She lives with a Grey chin called Francesco, and on the 17th November they became parents. Dad often looks after the baby, cleaning and watching over him while mum rests. Yesterday, I caught mum and baby looking out of the window and I could only assume that Whisper was telling him about Christmas and Santa. You can see more pictures of the baby at their website.

    Whisper is very friendly and is not shy of strangers. She will investigate immediately and even jump onto their knee if she thinks there might be a treat for her. She loves raisins, to the point of being a little greedy and will beg for them, although she is not allowed too many. She likes a cuddle and also likes to be scratched under the chin. She is very trusting with her new baby and will let me play with him while she rests in her cage.

    The new baby who I have now named Nenya is getting very adventurous now. I let him run in the room while I sit on the floor. He will come and sit on my knee and is very tame. This is probably because I have held him everyday from day one. Unlike some animals chinchillas do not mind you holding their young. He also runs and jumps and yesterday he was trying to catch his dad's tail.

    Chinchillas bathe in sand, not water. It was lovely to see the baby have his first bath - he rolled in it and loved it. When I let him out for a run now, he jumps straight in. If anyone visits wearing shoes with laces, he insists on pulling the laces and won't take no for an answer. I think he is going to be a very cheeky chinchilla. All three are lovely, gentle pets and give me a great deal of pleasure.

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