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December 20, 2001

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Chester, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chester
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini Rex Rabbit
Home: Pittsford, New York, USA
   Chester was bought at a pet shop, which is absolutely unbelievable considering what an amazing bunny he is! He is a people bunny. He loves to be around people, and even more loves to play! He loves to surprise people by sneaking up on them and nudging their feet, or just darting by, doing a flip in the air, and then always, always, runs back to me. He is used to car rides, and is very good with kids. We take a trip at least once a week to Java's cafe (our favorite coffee house) and visit with all the people. Chester enjoys hoping from table to table to say hello to everyone. Now have you ever heard of a rabbit which is that sweet, and that social?! He is truly one of a kind, and my best friend. :o)

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