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December 18, 2001

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Bonnie LaGlue, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bonnie LaGlue
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Jersey Woolie Mix
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
   When my best little friend Penny died in April, I was so devastated. It was like I'd lost a human daughter, me being a single female adult. Penny had been my constant, loving companion for five years. I thought I'd slowly look around for another rabbit, take my time, and one day, if I found a very special one, I'd take it home with me.

    Well, by a streak of good luck, I found that special one at the local SPCA on my first visit since my Penny passed away. There was something very special, different about this one. I have a male rabbit and really wanted a female (two males would fight). I picked this one up and we bonded so strongly. I carried this bunny around with me for three hours at the SPCA. This little bunny licked the end of my nose and I was hooked. At first I was shaking, afraid to ask if it was male or female, afraid it would be a male. I was elated when I was told she was a girl! I immediately filled in an adoption application and anxiously waited for Easter weekend to end to be able to adopt her.

    She turned out to be much more then I expected. I'd never had a rabbit follow me around constantly everywhere I went. She even follows me to the bathroom and waits for me to come out! I have to be careful to always watch where i'm stepping as I've kicked her in the head many times, by accident. Wherever I might be, she comes running when I call her name "Bonnie". Well, one night, not long after I'd adopted Bonnie, I was laying in bed, crying and thinking about Penny. How long could I cry after Bonnie jumped on the bed and started to lick my tears away?!

    Being a bilingual rabbit, she knows what it means and comes running when I ask her, "tu veut un petit biscuit?", that's, "do you want a little cookie?", in French. She's so attached to me that I decided to give her a last name (her grandmother thought of this one), Bonnie LaGlue! You can probably figure out why I named her that. Oh, my little male rabbit "Bebee" likes her too and he follows her around like glue!!! Both my bunnies have their own bedroom, are litter box trained and have free roaming rights of the house. I am indeed very lucky!

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