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December 17, 2001

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Chesternut, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chesternut
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
   Hi, my name is Chesternut and I'm a black velvet Chinchilla. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my girlfriend Hazelnut. We have two neighbors, Phoebe and Joey that live in the cage across the room from us. My favorite thing in the world is when my mom gives us treats. Craisin's are my favorite treat! I'll let my mom pet me sometimes just so she'll give me a craisin. My favorite activity is when I get to go out for a play. My mom lets us out in her bedroom to run and hide and play. At first I just hid under the bed and chewed on things I wasn't supposed to, but now I run the whole room and even play attack my mom's feet while she's on the computer! Of course I get very sad when its time to go back home, but Mom tries to make it better by giving me and my girlfriend our dust bath! Mom puts the dust in a fish bowl and I spend hours rolling around in it. I live in a nice big cage with lots of ledges to jump on. I have a big sleeping house for when I need to get away from things. I also have lots of toys to chew on, and even a toy stuffed cow that I sometimes drag around with me. I would really love to be pet of the day, and my mom would be so proud. I'd be the envy of the neighborhood! I know this is a long letter, but you can take your favorite parts out to post with my picture. I hope you fall in love with me just like all my mom's friends do. Have a great day!

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