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December 15, 2001

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Terkina, the Pet of the Day
Name: Terkina
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
Home: Indiana, USA
   This is my prairie dog, Terkina. She is about five months old and is quite the little copycat. Whenever I sneeze, she imitates me with a sound that is something like that of a dog's squeeky toy being stepped on. But don't try to fool Terk. She knows a real sneeze from a fake one, even though sometimes she imitates fake sneezes anyway, just to show off to guests here at our house.

    Terk loves to sleep. She sometimes dozes off to sleep while she's still sitting up...then she just falls over like a rag-doll. The hardest part about taking care of Terkina is waking her up! She enjoys every second of her waking hours, playing in her four-story cage, but when it's bed time, Terk is out like a light.

    Terk and I live in Indiana, but that is not where Terk is from. I had to drive ten hours all the way to Missouri to pick up my baby girl, but I'm glad I did. She is worth every mile.

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