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December 13, 2001

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Soledad, the Pet of the Day
Name: Soledad
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Redsided Eclectus
Home: Sollentuna, Sweden
   Soledad was hatched on May 3, 2000 in Fredrikshavn, Denmark. She came to live with me in March, 2001. Soledad is special because she is incredibly independent, strong-willed and full of love. She loves to shower, play pranks on other family members and play, play, play.

    I have two other Eclectus parrots at home at the moment. One other Redsided Eclectus male, Manuel, is Soledad's partner. I also recently adopted a 14-year-old Vosmaeri Eclectus named Lucas. Soledad is more the independent type. She does not like close physical contact like the other two do. However, she likes to sit on my shoulder or be in the same room.

    Her favorite activity is showering. She gets absolutely crazy every morning when I turn on the shower and there is no way I can shower alone unless I close the door. I haven't taught her any tricks, but she says Yeeeees and Nooooo and she can whistle some short tunes. She also loves to play with different toys. She's not particularly difficult to take care of, however, like all Eclectus parrots you have to pay close attention to their diet. They require lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    When the weather permits, Soledad loves to be outside. I go bike riding or rollerblading with Soledad and her partner Manuel. People can hardly believe it's true when they see me coming down a hill with a parrot on each shoulder, holding on to my ears so they don't fall off. Now with a third parrot I'm not sure what I'm going to do. :-) She is also great around other people, especially kids.

    I have had Eclectus since 1992 and to spread information and help others I have a home page where you can find lots more pics of Soledad and Manuel there.

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