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December 8, 2001

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Mia, Jada, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mia, Jada
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Ferret
Home: Santa Barbara, California, USA
   This is Mia (seen on the right licking her chops) and Jada (seen on the left - sweet, but far from innocent). These sister ferrets like to cause trouble, lots of trouble (hence, the photograph). Believe it or not, the little trouble makers actually got onto my computer and drew the devil horns on themselves using there little ferret feet? The devil fork, I am not too sure about. It probably used to be one of my shoes that they chewed up and turned into a ferret weapon. Seriously though, Mia has figured out that if she goes behind our toilet, she can push the heavy seat down and then climb up to the top of the flushing area where we hide the trash can from them. She knocks the trash off the toilet and plays in it! We used to think that the trash would be safe up there, but nobody told us that ferrets were not only thieves, but smart thieves. Of course, to add to this, they have stolen all of my socks (about 30 pairs of socks) which they hide under our bed along with anything that they can find. Usually, to qualify as ferret stolen articles, the stolen items have to stink, be made of rubber, or make loud obnoxious noises.

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