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December 7, 2001

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Hollingsworth, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hollingsworth
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black Hooded Dumbo Rat
Home: New York, USA
   For over three long years, I wanted a pet rat. I was close to going insane over not having one when I finally got permission from my parents this summer! And boy was the wait worth it! I got Hollingsworth and another rat, Lenoxxe, in mid-August when they were just a month old and small enough to fit in your hand!

    I immediately loved Hollingsworth because I've always wanted a black hooded rat, and his dumbo ears and bugged-out eyes just made my heart melt! Hollingsworth has since became the friendliest, craziest little rat ever! He's a little insane I think, but defiantly has a heart of gold. And its not the only heart he has either! What I didn't notice until I got home, was that part of his hood is shaped like a heart, (or a map of Tasmania!) I call it "Hollingsworth's Heart."

    Hollingsworth's favorite thing to do is eat of course! I think some of his favorite delicacies are dried shrimp, fish flakes, doggy kibble, and the egg-cookies I make for him and Lenoxxe sometimes. He also enjoys wrestling with the much-larger Lenoxxe, and 99 out of 100 times, he gets pinned first! I think I've only seen Hollingsworth win at wrestling once or twice, but that doesn't stop him! In fact, there's no stopping Hollingsworth at doing anything he sets his crazy little mind to! I take him and Lenoxxe outside for walks on their harnesses frequently and both of them really enjoy climbing this one bush in our yard. Lenoxxe likes to sit on a low branch and take in nature, but Hollingsworth just likes to climb! I usually have to pull him down before he can get too high up in the bush! I think I'll end this thing with words of wisdom: Good things come to those who wait! And boy is Hollingsworth ever a good thing!

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