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December 1, 2001

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Elvis, the Pet of the Day
Name: Elvis
Age: Four and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Standard Grey Chinchilla
Home: Central Ohio, USA
   Elvis is the first pet I've had bigger than a hamster. I am terribly allergic to both cats and dogs, so I couldn't have either. Then I discovered chinchillas usually don't bother people with allergies as they have no dander. So I went to a local pet store to play with their chinchillas and discovered that they didn't bother my allergies. It's a good thing too, because they were too adorable to resist. I went home got online to find a breeder in my area. (The pet store's chinchillas were kept in a glass aquarium and were very unsociable. I also didn't know their history and wanted a healthy chinchilla so I didn't end up broken hearted later on.) I found one, four hours away. I was determined to get him so we made the trek one Sunday afternoon in September and brought home the best pet I know I'll ever have.

    Elvis is playful, sweet, entertaining, full of energy, and especially naughty, as chinchillas will be. He gets his name because he thinks he is the King of the house. He'll give me 'kisses' before I go to bed, run around the living room literally bouncing off the walls during play time, pull all of my chinchilla barriers out and dart into whatever area I had blocked off, tear apart his cardboard tubes and throw the pieces outside his cage, bend over backwards to be scratched on his chest, and just generally be his lovable little self. The picture shown is of him peeking up over his 'bedroom' the way he does every afternoon to greet me. I'll never regret the eight hours it took to go get him. He's a part of our little family now and will be for a long time!

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