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Elvis the Standard Grey Chinchilla Elvis
Standard Grey Chinchilla
Central Ohio, USA
December 01, 2001

Gracie the African Pigmy Hedgehog Gracie
African Pigmy Hedgehog
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
December 02, 2001

Jypsy's Junebug the Llama Jypsy's Junebug
Grayslake, Illinois, USA
December 03, 2001

Chester the Mini Chester
England, United Kingdom
December 04, 2001

Quinkie the Deer Mouse Quinkie
Deer Mouse
Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA
December 05, 2001

Kiwi the Green Cheek Conure Kiwi
Green Cheek Conure
December 06, 2001

Hollingsworth the Black Hooded Dumbo Rat Hollingsworth
Black Hooded Dumbo Rat
New York, USA
December 07, 2001

Mia, Jada the Ferret Mia, Jada
Santa Barbara, California, USA
December 08, 2001

Smoki the Standardbred, Quarterhorse Smoki
Standardbred, Quarterhorse
North Bay, Ontario, Canada
December 09, 2001

Muffin the Sheltie Guinea Pig Muffin
Sheltie Guinea Pig
England, UK
December 10, 2001

Zoe the Cockatiel Zoe
Westmont, Illinois, USA
December 11, 2001

Pacman the Syrian Hamster Pacman
Syrian Hamster
Maryland, USA
December 12, 2001

Soledad the Redsided Eclectus Soledad
Redsided Eclectus
Sollentuna, Sweden
December 13, 2001

Method the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Method
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Hertfordshire, UK
December 14, 2001

Terkina the Black Tailed Prairie Dog Terkina
Black Tailed Prairie Dog
Indiana, USA
December 15, 2001

Breathtaking Beauty the Welsh, Hanoverian Breathtaking Beauty
Welsh, Hanoverian
Foxboro, Ontario, Canada
December 16, 2001

Chesternut the Chinchilla Chesternut
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
December 17, 2001

Bonnie LaGlue the Jersey Woolie Mix Bonnie LaGlue
Jersey Woolie Mix
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
December 18, 2001

Tangelo the White Bellied Caique Tangelo
White Bellied Caique
West Virginia, USA
December 19, 2001

Chester the Mini Rex Rabbit Chester
Mini Rex Rabbit
Pittsford, New York, USA
December 20, 2001

Sam the Mexican Amazon Parrot Sam
Mexican Amazon Parrot
New York, USA
December 21, 2001

Whisper, Nenya the Mosaic chinchilla Whisper, Nenya
Mosaic chinchilla
December 22, 2001

Penny the Miniature Horse Penny
Miniature Horse
Central Oregon, USA
December 23, 2001

Pudgie the Cresthead Guinea Pig Pudgie
Cresthead Guinea Pig
Edison, New Jersey, USA
December 24, 2001

Einstein the Guinea Pig Einstein
Guinea Pig
December 25, 2001

Dorothy the Syrian Hamster Dorothy
Syrian Hamster
Manitoba, Canada
December 26, 2001

Maggie the Greenwing Macaw Maggie
Greenwing Macaw
Irvine, California, USA
December 27, 2001

Baby the Fennec Fox Baby
Fennec Fox
North Carolina, USA
December 28, 2001

Lambi the Leicester, Texel sheep Lambi
Leicester, Texel sheep
December 29, 2001

Sienna the Silkie Chicken Sienna
Silkie Chicken
White Lake Michigan, USA
December 30, 2001

May Flowers the Pygmy Goat May Flowers
Pygmy Goat
California, USA
December 31, 2001

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