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August 25, 2001

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Taffy and Sundae, the Pet of the Day
Name: Taffy, Sundae
Age: Four, Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Palatine, Illinois, USA
   Hi! We are Taffy and Sundae, two female guinea pigs. We feel that we should be pet of the day because our mommy is always telling us how good, how sweet and how special we are. We know she loves us because she gave us a home when no one else wanted us. We live happily in a deluxe guinea pig cage with a ramp and balcony. Our mommy cleans our cage twice a week and gives us lots of oat and timothy hay, timothy-based pellet food with stabilized vitamin C, and plenty of fresh water in a sipper bottle. When we hear the refrigerator open, we immediately think we are getting treats. Sometimes we're right. Our mommy whistles to us, and we climb up to the balcony for our treats. Sometimes it's a baby carrot and sometimes it's catgrass (wheat grass) served on our pignic table. Sundae likes almost any fresh fruit or vegetable, but Taffy is particular and only likes the grass and baby carrots. We both enjoy reading and eating the Chicago Tribune business pages. We like to read up on our mutual funds. Our favorite thing to do is to have our mommy or some other nice person hold us and cuddle us. Then we talk to make sure they know how much we appreciate it.

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