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August 24, 2001

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Superfish, the Pet of the Day
Name: Superfish
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Goldfish
Home: USA
   This is Superfish and he has certainly lived up to his name! I got him six years ago at a 4th of July festival. I won him for $1.00 in a ping-pong ball toss game. He was less than an inch long then! When I got him at first he was zooming around his little plastic bag so fast that I just had to call him Superfish! I brought him home that night (after watching some fire-works with him,) and put him in an old five-gallon tank I had. He started growing about a month after I got him and pretty soon I had to put him in a ten-gallon... then a twenty-gallon... and finally, for his 4th birthday, he got a 55-gallon tank! By then he was about eight inches long and had a special place in the household. Today he's about nine inches long and quite a character! He recognizes me as soon as I come into the room and he pesters me until I feed him! He's pretty much done this since I got him, which probably explains his size! Superfish is the only pet I've had that has lived up to his name in every way!!!

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