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August 20, 2001

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Edward, the Pet of the Day
Name: Edward
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Amazon Parrot
Home: Indiana, USA
   Being a wildlife rehabilitator has brought many stories to our household. Some of these stories are sad, some are happy and some are just plain humorous. This is one of those stories.

    Early last fall, I received a call from a very nice young man who told me he had a green bird in his tree, I told him, "No you don't! We don't have green birds in our state of Indiana."

    After convincing me he did indeed have a green bird in his tree, I agreed to come and try to capture said bird. I am not a bird person, I rehabilitate orphaned infant mammals. After I exhausted my bird people list, trying to find someone else to take this call, I headed out, with my daughter Beth and granddaughter Kayleigh. All bird catching paraphernalia in our vehicle, and only two pair of leather gloves, that I would later regret.

    We arrived at the man's house, and sure enough, he had a green bird in his tree, an Amazon parrot. The bird was in a small crab apple tree in the front yard of the caller's home. I'm thinking "This is going to be a snap, HA!" My daughter climbed the tree, bird-catching-net in hand, and bird snaked his neck down to come face to face with Beth, and said, "Hello." Beth laughed, bird soared like an Eagle to a 60-foot tree nearby.

    Okay, time to 'wait out the bird.' So, surrounded by our bird catching paraphernalia, we wait. So, curious bird, flies to a yard next door, into a small bush, hallelujah! I started talking softly, saying anything to the bird that came to mind, not often doing rehab on birds, and never having had a parrot, I have no idea what to say to him. "Hi bird, how are you?" "Nice day isn't it?"

    Bird replies in kind, with parrot talk I don't understand. However, I know if I can get close enough, I can nab him. As I'm walking to the bush where said bird has lighted, I am saying in what I hope is an appealing manner to the bird, "Kayleigh, give me the gloves, give me the gloves, please give me the gloves, and a few crab apples." I get in front of the curious bird, who by this time finds me a very interesting diversion to his day. As well, by this time I have on the leather gloves, crab apples in hand, and bird can't stand it, he lunges, I grab. Daughter Beth at this time comes a-runnin', she gets one side of bird, I have hold of the other, and off we go to the carrier I have placed close by, bird raising Cain all the way. To my chagrin, I find Amazon Parrots can and do bite through leather gloves!

    We bring bird home, and the next day bird announces that his name is Edward, I tried to get his address and phone number but he wouldn't comply. Over the next few weeks I did everything in my power to find Ed's owner, to no avail. Edward has a very extensive vocabulary, and a repertoire of songs of which he will sing solo, or as a duet, with anyone who is close by and knows the words. He's now part of our family, having instituted himself into our household. I guess after all this time, I have become a 'bird person.' Edward has taught me the delights and fascination of a world I had yet to experience, that of a wise cracking, extremely intelligent, funny and captivating animal.

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