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August 6, 2001

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Trixie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Trixie
Age: Five and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: California Rabbit
Home: El Paso, Texas, USA
   Trixie Beldon was named after one of my favorite childhood fictional characters. (We thought Trixie was a girl at first.) He is quite a character and can literally jump for joy (this is called a binky) when he hears his name.

    Trixie was found as a tiny baby, wandering a neighborhood across the border in Mexico. One of our employees found him and knew we would take good care of him. She hid Trixie in an empty cracker box and brought him to us. We already had one house rabbit and Trixie was in need of a family. Many people do not realize that rabbits make wonderful indoor companions. They are very special, social creatures and enjoy the company of others. With a little "rabbit proofing" (protecting cords and other chewables), bunnies can be free roaming. It is also recommended that rabbits be spayed or neutered (Trixie was neutered at six months) for their health and comfort.

    We are still learning about rabbit health and nutrition. For example, carrots are often thought to be a traditional food for rabbits. However, carrots should only be given as a treat due to the high sugar content. Treat food should only be given in limited quantities to avoid digestive problems. Foods like banana should be given only as a special treat! To learn much more about house rabbits, take a look at the House Rabbit Society.

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